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  • Do you want to recycle organic wastes
    on a safe and productive

    The technology of aerobic composting of organics transforms residual products
    from livestock, poultry and crop production to a quality nutrient fertilizer.

  • Are you interested in modern farming technologies
    that your colleagues are already using,
    earning on waste?

    Efficiency and profitability of this process can be seen with your own eyes -
    on working farms of our customers, which are among the most advanced farmers in Ukraine

  • Have you thought about the ineffectiveness
    of waste management
    in the household?

    We calculate investments, introduce technology with the supply of new and adaptation
    of existing equipment, launch the project and provide technological support.

A fool person grows the wild grass, a clever person grows the harvest, but a wise person grows the earth.

Modern approach to organic recycling

We will come to you and show our advantages!

The company LLC “Syayvir” offers recycling and recycling of organic waste with the help of aerobic composting in the field. The product of processing is qualitative organic fertilizer-compost, which is used in plant growing, or is sold to outside consumers.

We demonstrate the results of implementing the technology on the farms of your friends, who are our customers, launch the process of recycling, and accompany it in the future.   It is no longer necessary to worry about utilization of smelly waste, but it is possible to improve the quality of soils, reduce the cost of the purchase of mineral fertilizers and obtain a high yield of plant crops.

LLC "Syayvir" technology provides:

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Composite is made

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Use of


Soil restored

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Ecological problems solved

We offer you

To recycle the pus

to a bacteriologically safe and productive fertilizer without helminths, seeds of wild grass, pathogenic substances

Benefit from waste

avoiding the need to recycle a large amount of organic matter, crop residues and livestock

Reduce the cost

of purchasing mineral fertilizers and grow organic products that are sold on the market are much more expensive

Improve the structure of soils

enrich them with useful substances, which will increase future yields

Ensure the development and disinfection

of sewage without harm to the environment and the ecology

Improving the ecosystem of agriculture

providing aesthetic look to the farm, reducing complaints of the population

Who is interested in technology of LLC “Syayvir”

Call us and we will confirm the effectiveness of organic processing technology in practice!

why choose us

LLC "Syayvir" - the leader in the number of projects in the market of Ukraine - a company that introduced the technology of aerobic composting of organic matter. Our experience has already been confirmed by the time and feedback of real agrarians.

We represent the reputable manufacturer of equipment as an official dealer

We provide the perfection of the implementation of the recycling cycle

We guarantee a highly specialized approach to technology implementation

We provide service and technological support

We supply only professional and high-quality equipment

Without unnecessary conversations and promises, we show the results of successful farms


Oleksii Zakharchuk

Oleksii Zakharchuk

Head of DOO SOK "Gospodar"

Utilization of manure is an end point of a long chain of industrial milk production. We have the herd of 105 dairy cows and 55 solitary cows The priority was given to a model of low productivity equipment for a small tractor. An important aspect for us was the specialist Syayvir in the international conference "Expanding the capabilities of small producers of family farms".

Oleksandr Senchyk

Oleksandr Senchyk

Director of Private equity corporation "Kremin"

We see a perspective in animal husbandry. There are admirers of the latest equipment and technology. In the recycling of manure, it was possible to reduce the logistical and time costs. It is essential to disinfect compost, lack of garbage and weed seeds.

Oleksandr Velentiy

Oleksandr Velentiy

Chief Agronomist of "Mena-Avangard" LLC

At the household, up to 40 thousand tons of waste annually, this was a big problem.We turned to the choice of technology vendor carefully. We are now recycling the entire spectrum of organic matter. Reduce the cost of fertilizer and plant protection.

Oleksandr Kichmarenko

Oleksandr Kichmarenko

Director of Private Enterprise "Yukhimivske"

We have animal husbandry, there is waste. The nutritional properties of compost are satisfied. We increased the area of organic fertilizer almost three times. Manure is ordered.

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